Kerala Cuisines

The marvelous Kerala cuisine is simple yet palate tickling and distinctive. In general the cuisine is mildly flavored and gently cooked. Rice is the staple diet, fresh seafood, fragrant spices, coconuts; all are part of scrumptious curries. The pure vegetarian curries are gastronomical delights. Kerala cuisine is renowned for its unique spicy formulations and it's breakfast is adjudged as the 'best breakfast of the world'. A favorite breakfast dish is Puttu. Rice flour dough is layered with grated coconut and steamed in hollow bamboo cylinder.


There are lot many dishes that are relished by the people of Kerala in breakfast.
Puttu-kadala : is made of ground rice and grated coconut steam cooked together.
Appam and vegetable stew/chicken curry: It is a type of pancake made from rice flour and fermented toddy. Crispy pieces of vegetables or meat are cooked in sumptuous coconut milk.
Idiappam and stew: It is the main dish of string hoppers, made from rice flour pressed out as noodles and then prepared in steam.
Idli and Dosa with sambar/Chutney: Idlis are slightly sour cakes and Dosas are flaky pancakes made from mixture of fermented rice and black gram is relished with sambhar or coconut chutney.
Pathiri and Chicken curry: It is a thick Pancake made from dough of rice powder.
Parota and Chicken curry: A heavy breakfast in form of a pancake of dough. Dishes of Lunch In many houses of Kerala people eat rice with Upperi / thoran (a preparation of vegetables or pulses and grated coconut) and other side dishes like sambar, olan (thin slices of melon and pulses cooked in coconut milk), rasam (a gravy with tamarind and tomato extracts), kaalan (vegetables cooked in grated coconut), pachadi ( a melon kind of a vegetable cooked in curd) and aviyal (many vegetables cooked in curd and grated coconut). Among some delectable dishes of Kerala taken in lunch and dinner are Kichadi, Kanji and Payaru, Biryani, Kappa (Tapioca) and fish curry, Karimeen fry, Prawn fry, Rice and Fish Curry.

Kerala Deserts

Payasam: It is an alluring dessert made usually from rice, rice products or pulses, and cooked in condensed milk, coconut milk or jaggery syrup.
Payasam and Boli: It is a pancake made from sweet mixture stuffed in between the layers.
Muttamaala: It is usually a Muslim delicacy of string hoppers prepared from egg yolk and dipped in sugar syrup.

Kerala Snacks

People of Kerala make some of the lip smacking snacks. When in Kerala do try these snacks and you will relish the taste forever. Some of the snacks are
Banana Chips: Chips made from banana.
Achappam : sweet cruchy snack.
Murukku: a crunchy coiled shaped snack.
Vada: It is a very common south Indian savor. Two kinds of vadas - Uzhunnu vada and Parippu vada are delectable.
Ada: It is made from soaked Jaggery and coconut pressed in between rice dough, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in steam.
Cheeda: salty crunchy snack of rice flour.
Kuzhalappam: It is slightly salty snack of rice flour rolled into thin layers and deep fried in oil.

Kerala Drinks

Ilaneer/ tender coconut: It is simply the �Safest natural soft drink of the world�. This juice of soft coconuts is nutritious and a perfect drink to quench your thirst.
Sambharam/ Mor: This refreshing drink is made from curd. It is called �Morr� when it is served salted and called a Sambharam when served sweet.
Sharbat: Sharbat is an extremely sweet drink made from herbal extracts. Try these dishes of Kerala and you will have a life time experience. The tantalizing taste of these dishes will not evade easily.

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