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An amazing race of people, following a unique lifestyle-the perfect blend of traditional, time-honored practices and progressive, innovative trends

Life Style

The women mostly dress themselves in those wonderful six meters of silk or cotton called SARI. The more convenient dresses like Churidar and Western fashion styles are popular among the younger generation. The men mostly subscribe to trousers and shirt like the rest of the world. How ever you shouldn't be surprised if you find them dressed in the traditional "Kasavu Mundu", a three to four meter long cotton twin cloth with silk border, as formal dress and a colourful cloth called "Kaily" or "Lunky" at home as the informal dress. Mundu is more popular in the rural areas. The typical style of a Malayalee is "Mundu", top covered with a silk cloth called "Melmundu" and wooden slippers called as "Methiyadi". The very interesting thing about a Malayalee is his Moustache. Almost 90% of the men having a nice Moustache. It is very easy to identify a Malayalee. Most of the Malayalees love to have a nice Beard too.

The people of Kerala dress simply. They are content with the quality of life and believe in mental satisfaction more than materialistic pleasures. The people of Kerala speak Malayalam though they are well versed with English but they prefer to communicate in their local languages. Kerala is the only state in India with 100 % literacy rate and this is possible because the people of Kerala does not discriminate between men and women and the younger generation are taught with the religious teachings of their culture besides school education

Kerala peoples have long term known for its better treatment of women. Statistics show that 30 per cent of all government jobs in Kerala are held by women. None of this would be possible without the education and that is where the state scores. For Kerala people girls are just as important as boys when it comes to earning and families don’t think twice about educating their daughters.

The original natives of the land were Dravdians. However Aryan invasions from the North brought about an admixture of the races. More on the Ethnicity of the people of Kerala.

In the medieval period i.e. after the 12th century, there was a sharp rise in the caste distinction. The Brahmins or Namboodiris were an elite class and enjoyed many privileges over the others. The hierarchy was such that after the Namboodiris came the Kshatriyas, the Samanthans, the Ambalavasis and the Nairs. These were the Royals and the feudal families. Then came the out castes such as the Kamallans, The Ezhavas, the Pulayans the Kadar etc. Due to severe caste oppression a huge number converted to Christianity and Islam. The striking feature of current day Kerala is the communal harmony and sense of brotherhood of the state. Communal violence is almost unknown and unheard of. In all even though the caste system still exists in most of Kerala, the distinction is getting fainter and fainter. The people have evolved to be a peace loving, growth oriented race. To know more about the religion of the people of Kerala

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